Korchma and Kolyba

Cold appetizer

Snack platter with lard

smoked lard, lard with paprika, white lard , salted cucumbers, garlic

150/70g 68.00
Milled lard
100g 35.00
Fish platter
270g 330.00
Baked pork meat

rost pork, homemade sausage, becon, paste, spicy beetroot and horseradish

300/30g 160.00
Pickled vegetables

cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage and garlic

250/30g 40.00
Fresh vegetables

cucumber, tomato, pepper, green onion

300/50g 60.00
Herring with onions
80/30g 35.00
Herring with horseradish
200/60g 50.00
Cheese platter

cheese with paprika, cheese of sheep milk , suluguni cheese, cottage cheese with garlic

200/50g 90.00


Greek salad

tomatoes, cucumber, Bulgarian pepper, onions, feta cheese, sauce

230g 55.00
Caesar salad with chicken

green lettuce, carrot, chicken, bacon, Parmesan cheese, sauce

180g 62.00
Salad “Gutsulochka”

tomatoes, cucumber, cottage cheese, green onions, sour cream sauce

210g 45.00
Carpathian salad

stewed mushrooms, veal, corn, eggs, mayonnaise

210g 55.00
Meat Salad

boiled tongue, smoked ham, cheese, fresh mushroom, soy sauce, mayonnaise

150g 58.00
Salad “Yarynovyy”

tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, green onions, sunflower seeds, home-made olive

200g 42.00
Roasted eggplant salad

tomato, baked eggplant, lettuce, feta cheese, basil sauce

250g 109.00

Hot appetizer

Cheese fried in oil
130g 31.00
Traditional baked sausage with blood and buckwheat
200/30g 50.00
Banosh with cheese

traditional corn meal

250/30g 40.00
Potato pancakes with sour cream
250g 33.00
Potato pancakes with mushroom sauce
200 /100g 38.00


Mushrooms soup
250g 38.00
Ukrainian borsch

traditional beetroot soup

300/50g 46.00
Chicken clear soup with noodles
300g 34.00
Bograch – Hungarian goulash
300g 62.00


Boiled potatoes

with dill

200g 24.00
Roasted potatoes

a-la homemade with onions

250g 25.00
Potatoes in their skins

grilled with green butter

250g 25.00
150g 30.00
Rice with vegetables

Bulgarian pepper, carrot, corn

200g 40.00
Stewed cabbage
250g 35.00

Flour Dishes

Dumpling wish potatoes and cracklings
250/30g 36.00
Dumplings with cheese and cracklings
250/30g 45.00
Dumplings with berry
250/30g 38.00
Sour cream fried with onions
100g 15.00


Cheesecake of cottage cheese with berry souse
150/30g 47.00
Pie with apples and berry souse
100/30g 32.00
Poppy cake with ice cream
100/50g 56.00
Ice cream
100g 25.00


25g 7.00