A la cart

Cold appetizer

Snack platter with lard
(smoked lard, lard with paprika, white lard , salted cucumbers, garlic) ник)
Quicked lard
Fish platter
Beef tongue under the horseradish sauce
Baked pork meat
(rost pork, homemade sausage, becon, paste, spicy beetroot and horseradish)
Smoked pork meat
(smoked pork, ham, becon, smoked sausages)
Pickled vegetables
(cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage and garlic)
Herring with horseradish
Cheese platter
(cheese with paprika, cheese of sheep milk , suluguni cheese, cottage cheese with garlic)


Salad “Gutsulochka”
(tomatoes, cucumber, cottage cheese, green onions, sour cream sauce)
Salad “Yarynovyy”
(tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, green onions, sunflower seeds, home-made olive)
Salad with cabbage
(pickled cabbage, green onions, mushrooms, home-made oil)
Salad Shopskyy
(tomatoes, cucumber, green onions, cheese, oil)
Shuba Salad ( traditional herring salad)
(herring, onions, potapoes, carrot, beetroot, apple, salmon caviar, mayonnaise)
Tongue Salad
(tongue, eggs, Bulgarian pepper, cheese, pickled mushrooms, gherkins, mayonnaise)
Salad with beans
(bean, chicken, eggs, cheese, green lettuce, gherkin, potapoes, mayonnaise)
Carpathian salad
(stewed mushrooms, veal, corn, eggs, mayonnaise)
Meat Salad
(boiled tongue, smoked ham, cheese, fresh mushroom, soy sauce, mayonnaise)

European salads

Greek salad
(tomatoes, cucumber, Bulgarian pepper, onions, feta cheese, sauce)
Salad with “Mozzarella”
( green lettuce, tomatoes, cheese “ Mozzarella”, sauce)
Caesar salad with chicken
(green lettuce, carrot, chicken, bacon, Parmesan cheese, sauce)
Salad with salmon
(salmon, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, Parmesan cheese, basil sauce)
Salad with avocado
(avocado, green lettuce, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, olives oil, lemon fresh)
Salad with seafood
(salmon, squid, cream sauce, green lettuce, tomatoes)
Warm salad with veal
(mix of fresh salad, warm veal, mushrooms, Provence herbs, sauce)
Salad with prosciutto
(prosciutto, mix of fresh salad, pear, walnut, cherry tomatoes, olive oil)

Hot appetizer

Grilled pork sausage
Beef tongue
in sour cream sauce with onions
Fish pie
with basil sauce and cheese, baked in dough
Potatoes pie
(pie with potatoes, ham, tomatoes, corn, cheese)
Traditional baked sausage with blood and buckwheat
Banosh with cheese
(traditional corn meal)
Pancakes with cheese Feta
in sour cream sauce
Potatoes cake with cap


Ukrainian borsch
(traditional beetroot soup)
Mushrooms soup
Chicken clear soup with noodles
Bograch – Hungarian goulash
Mushrooms cream soup
Spinach cream soup

Fish dishes

Trout with vegetables
Steamed trout with herbs
Roasted carp a-la home-made
with onions
Roasted carp
in sour cream and horseradish sauce
Grilled salmon

Meat dishes

Fried veal, stewed with onions
in sour cream sauce
Roll veal
stuffed with mushrooms, nuts, prunes
Grilled veal
Chicken breast
with grilled vegetables under the honey sauce
Stewed chicken in sour cream sauce
Pie with potatoes
stuffed with veal and mushrooms
Grilled pork meat
Pork chop
with tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese
Roasted pieces of pork
with bacon, onions, potatoes
Pork neck
with pieces of potatoes
Grilled pork on the bone
Pork ribs under sauce BBQ

Dishes from the grill

Fish dishes from the grill

Trout of Carpathian herbs
Half carp

Meat dishes from the grill

Grill beef tenderloin
with pickled onions and pita bread
Grill pork tenderloin
with pickled onions and pita bread
Grill pork neck
with pickled onions and pita bread
Grill chicken fillet
with pickled onions and pita bread
Grill beef tongue
with grill corn
Half grill chicken
with cranberry sauce
Homemade sausages

Flour Dishes

Dumpling wish potatoes and cracklings
Dumpling wish cheese of sheep milk and lard
Dumpling wish potatoes and cracklings
Dumplings with cheese and cracklings
Dumplings with cabbage and cracklings
Dumplings with berry


Roasted potatoes a-la homemade
with onions
Fried potatoes
with garlic sauce
Boiled potatoes with dill
Puree(mashed potatoes)
Stewed cabbage
Buckwheat with mushrooms
Rice with vegetables
(Bulgarian pepper, carrot, corn)
Grill vegetables
(Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant)
(cereals) with spinach
Stewed vegetables in white wine sauce
(eggplant, zucchini, Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes)